Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been wondering if a Sarah Jane scrapbook of her life and times would make it easier for me to blog about her here. We hear about authors writing a journal from their character's viewpoint. It came to me that perhaps a scrapbook might be helpful in getting ideas about her life solidified.

Perhaps this is something school children could do, too, as they studied about Sarah Jane's era in history. Since the idea of writing about Sarah Jane occurred to me as I was researching central New Hampshire for a history column, perhaps children in this area would relate and find it a fun project. This might be especially appealing for 4th grade teachers since we study NH history in that grade.  (Sarah Jane's story, Sarah Jane's Daring Deed, appears in my anthology, Tales of Adventure & Discovery, and the upcoming picture book.

Have you ever created a scrapbook for your characters? Have you created one for characters you're studying with your students? Perhaps it's also a unique "book report" idea.

Check back with me for instructions about doing a Sarah Jane scrapbook that could reflect the history of your area, too. 

(Sarah Jane's illustration (c)Mary Emma Allen)