Monday, June 28, 2010


Was there much quilting done in Sarah Jane's home? She lived in the the pioneer days between 1760-1800. I enjoyed researching and writing her story and sharing it with children.

The quilts in those days consisted of patched blankets and bed coverings made from scraps. Often these scraps were worn out clothing. The pioneers of those days, in the "frontier" land of NH, as compared with the cities of Boston and Portsmouth, very, very seldom had the opportunity nor money to purchase fabric. If they did purchase fabric, it was used for clothing.

Initially, the quilts were made solely for utilitarian purposes. Even then, the ladies liked to individualize them and put their own touches in the designs. Eventually they developed their own patterns.

So I must reasearch and see what Sarah Jane and her mother might have made...and out of what types of fabrics.

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