Thursday, July 30, 2009


Teachers have used my book, Tales of Adventure & Discovery, in their classes because they liked the stories and the ideas they teach. Sarah Jane's Daring Deed is one of the stories in the anthology.

I've also coordinated writing programs combined with the New Hampshire history programs taught in this state's schools in grade 4. Sarah Jane's story originated from research I did for my New Hampshire of Yesteryear newspaper column.

In one New Hampshire elementary school, I conducted two days of writing workshops as an extension of their studies about the state. Sarah Jane's Daring Deed was the focus for the writing. I have a number of activities for youngsters that I present in the schools and will be developing for teachers to use themselves.

I've been asked to make these available for teachers who will be introducing the study of the state in the second grade.

So...Sarah Jane and her pioneer family will be coming to schools in the future.

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